Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Pink Stamper Cute Challenge "Fangs to You"

Fangs to you!  More like Fangs to Scrappy Mom's stamps https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiIGTWAnNQRQrpYVkYNgNo3ZwpVrnXlPs8C_SjNlhqhuzAAzdFQKHa8ho60KDXgPzqkNlgpIoFTuyyyVTr7CqS7qqw-B4lTzEFFo_em8Tq0hZDNkz-H26tvPYYsgnJUrW_UOKiWf8JF4Bg0/s1600/A+haunting+we+will+go+stamp+ad.jpg
They are just so cute and a great inspiration to all my card designs.
I used the Cute Vampire on Mini Monsters along with the Cuttlebug Halloween folder and little Halloween ribbon and TaDa ~ a cute card!

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A Jillian Vance Design said...
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A Jillian Vance Design said...

Super cute! I love your stamp! And I love Mini Monsters!