Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hello Slim Down for SUMMER!!!

Did you see? A Jillian Vance Design  now has a Slimline Collection???
See the bottom of the post for more details!

Happy Tuesday, half  way thru July already! How did that happen? Jillian has already been 21 year old for a MONTH! Everyone is staying home and safe but yet time just keeps flying by!
Here is my card for today, I am IN LOVE with it! There is something about daisies and black...I have dressed Jillian in many black with daisies clothing since she was a baby! Kind of like the Black and White polka dots obsession too!
So for this card, I took the Slimline Essentials Die Set and cut the largest layer in white, and cut the smaller layer in black.
Then cut the Slimline Stitched Plaid Cover Plate and the Slimline Rectangle Window & Words Cover Plate in Black too!
Then layered on top of the white in this order with white being bottom layer, then black smaller background, then the Slimline Stitched Plaid Cover Plate and the Slimline Rectangle Window & Words Cover Plate die cut on top! What an elegant look!
Then cut the largest Daisy from the Daisy Die Set and the Open Daisy Die Set, glued together with the AJVD Just Glue It and added a yellow center.
I cut the Hello from the Slimline Rectangle Window & Words Cover Plate in yellow to match!
Added the Swirly Vine Die and there it is! Easy Peasy yet soooo elegent!

So Jillian designed the Slimline Collection as such:
Slimline Essentials Die Set is 2 layers, large is 3.5 x 8.5", small is 3 x 8"
this set includes 2 sentiment strips and a Mini Photo Frame die.
THEN come the cover plates
Slimline Stitched Plaid Cover Plate
Slimline Signature Polka Dot Cover Plate
Slimline Rectangle Window & Words Cover Plate
Peace, Love & Rainbows Slimline Circle Window Cover Plate
Slimline Heart Window & Words Cover Plate
Those all measure 3.25 x 8.25" so they all layer perfecting showing Jillian's signature Stitched Dot accent around the edges! The 3 x 8 layer is perfect for cutting out of acetate to create your window for a shaker card! She thinks of everything!

So they all layer together and it is fun using the dots and plaid behind the windows!!!
Plus rather than just have window cover plates, she added more value by including her most popular word dies in a smaller version and the Peace sign, heart, rainbow and cloud dies too!
They are at an introductory price right now during pre-orders and we expect them the last week in July!

Check out the Facebook live here:

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Have a great week!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June 14th Jillian will be 21!

So June 14th is Jillian's 21st birthday....TWENTY ONE how those years few by!!!

I wanted to make a cute little birthday card for her...
Cute, simple and easy peasy!

I used random paper from my stash! That wood grain was perfect for the bird house!
The stamp for the birdies eyes and beak are actually from the Stamp set we are giving with our Class in Akron. If that show does't happen, we will be selling kits online and doing a Facebook Live to complete the cards!

Also we will be honoring her birthday with a SALE A BRATION!
Just a little secret.... If you use the code now it actually works :)
Also don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $21 Gift Card to the AJVD store!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Coffee Lover's Blog Hop ~ No Words Needed!

Happy Tuesday  everyone! Hope you are all hanging in there safe and healthy
Today I am showing the new Cozy Cup Die Set! It is SOOOO cute!!! Look at those little sugar cubes!
Friday was the start of the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!!  Check out all the inspiration over on the Coffee Lover's Blog!!!

So today I wanted to use this die set but decided to leave a sentiment off.
Because in these strange times we are in right now, no words are needed, especially mean words which we have been seeing a lot of on social media. That is just not necessary! Yes, everyone has their own opinion and reason they are doing what they feel is right at this time, but no need to shame someone for those actions. We need to spread kindness more than ever right now!!!
We are mainly still working from home as we always have, hoping at some point we can go see my mom who is in an assisted living home. We have been to very few stores, but wear our masks if we have to go in, and are so grateful for curbside grocery pick up.
We hvae exciting news with our warehouse, it is moving UP!  So we closed the store to the public last year, so we only do online and consumer shows now. BUT we are moving the inventory and our AJVD supplies upstairs above the salon. That way when the salon does open, there is no public around our product and it is safe and germ free!
It is QUITE the chore and I think Sam and Jillian for carrying most of it up 2 flight's of stairs ~ not easy on the body for sure!

I decided I wanted my cup to have a little bit of a shadow so I just cut a black set and off set it just a tad. The Black base of the cup (kind of hidden by the spoon) is actually they "tea" layer cut in black as well! added the tea bag, and some of those cute sugar cubes!

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Thank you for stopping by and stay healthy!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mom Bookmark

Hello! Yesterday we did a Facebook Live to create this and you can see that HERE
We also have introduced a new upcoming die design....Mini Headline Type & Numbers which is exactly 50% off our original Headline Type and Numbers Die Sets!
It is so cute and there are 7 dies as they are grouped together, such as vowels, numbers, extra letters etc.
Very fun and will be coming mid May!  Also another set we will be showing that goes with it, but that is for another day!

This is an easy peasy bookmark using a few of AJVD designs. Could be used as a hangtag for a hanging flower basket or arrangement for Mother's Day!
To create the flower I used the oval jewelry tag and a brad for the center, cut 8 yellow and 2 green for leaves, loaded them on the brad with the green ones last, and then arranged as I wanted!
Again you can watch the Facebook Live and see exactly how I did it!

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Thank you for joining us on the Live and here today!
Stay safe, stay healthy and Wash your hands!

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Class of 2020

Happy Thursday!
Bunny here, hope this finds you healthy and well!
In these strange times, I wanted to honor those Seniors who are having a heartbreaking year.
Ohio announced that students will still be doing online classes through the end of this school year.
They have worked so hard only to not know their last day in class, was their last day!
Monday we took a drive in our community to see the local football stadium all light up, and scoreboard lit with 20  20. It just hit me so emotionally to think of these kids not able to walk at graduation with their family cheering them on. I pray this makes them all stronger and
hoping the schools can celebrate this awesome class at a later date.

So this card is pretty easy and can be mass produced using any school colors!
It is hard to tell but the light cardstock is gray. Our school district that we live in, their school colors are scarlet and gray as is The Ohio State University. We have friends whose children are graduating this year from both, this card is to honor them.
Isn't that tassel fun?  That is one of the dies in the Grad Cap Tassel Trio die set!
Add a line of Just Glue It along the top of the tassel and roll it with the twine in the center and done!

I just want to say Congratulations to the Class of 2020 everywhere for dealing with such strange times and for showing great adversity!

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Stay safe, healthy and wash your hands!!!

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

April 9th is a Special Date and He LIVES!

So I finally got some mojo and created this card!
I hope this finds you safe, healthy, and happy even if you are stuck at home!
So we have had so many changes since we got home from NYC the end of February!
Wow, what a ride March was. So the reason my mojo disappeared for a bit is we had so many things going on, waiting to hear about shows was THE WORST. It was like a weight was lifted once we knew so we could then plan for the next step, it was that not knowing, up in the air time, that totally sucked the creativity out of both Jillian and I.
Check out the revised show schedule HERE!

Jillian and I work from home anyway, other than our clients, which she closed the salon before our Governor did, for safety.  Other than no hockey games or eating out, we are just doing what we normally do, getting ready for shows, working on new designs for you guys and planning what comes next!

We are kind of skipping summer designs because quite frankly with production down to minimum staff at our manufacturers, and shipping delays, we are looking at the holiday season designs trying to get here by July. Let me just say there are some really cute things coming out for the holidays.

On to my card. It is ironic that I got this done and didn't even think about the date tomorrow until I scheduled this post...April 9th.  April 9th holds a special place in my heart. that was the day back in 1990 that I was baptized! I waited (a couple of months) until it fell on a Palm Sunday as my dad was baptized on Palm Sunday, April 9th, 1950! So 40 years later I followed in his footsteps!

So this is a simple yet powerful card. You know, if you think you are having a hard week, think of the week Jesus had! Like Palm Sunday to Good Friday what a difference all in 1 week!
I heard a preacher say during his sermon YEARS ago...it may be Friday but Sunday is coming!
I love that as no matter how bad it is,  He LIVES!!!

So sit back on Sunday in your recliner and enjoy an Easter service from the thousands you can pick from online. Yes, we can't be in church with our new dresses and friends, but that is not what Easter is truly about. Every day should be Easter because He Lives! (sorry got kind of preachy there!)

Thanks for visiting today!
Stay Safe, Healthy and Blessed!

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Red HOT!

So today I wanted to do an elegant, but simple card and here it is! I love the tone on tone of the red! All the same red cardstock and Metallic Rich Gold WOW! Embossing powder!
What a red hot statement this card makes!
Easy peasy yet again!
The Heart was stamped from Happy Hearts Stamp Set as well as the sentiment using WOW! Embossing Ink, then the WOW! Metallic Rich Gold Embossing Powder!
Those powders just leave a beautiful finish!
Hope you have blessed week and Happy Valentine's Day!

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Thanks for visiting today!

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