Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Blessings Winner!!!

A BIG thank you to everyone who made Jillian's 12th Birthday VERY special!!!  She ended up with her main gift being an iPad 2 ~ that was after her new video editing software, new tripod and all the other goodies family and friends got her!  We are all truly blessed!

Ok so on to the winner . . . of the Birthday Blessings Stamp Set by A Jillian Vance Design . . .
Accordign to is it
5 AmyJRockstar said...
This is an awesome creation! I'm going to have to try some of those techniques. I'm guessing Jillian might like some scrapbooking supplies. Maybe an Imagine or other Cricut Machine? They sure are fun and the price has gone down sooooo far. I paid like $500 for my Imagine and now you can get one for $200!!! (Even less on ebay) Whatever she wants, I hope she gets it! :0) Thanks for the chance to win some stamps! XO ~ Amy Jo (follower) amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Congratulations Amy, please email me with your mailing address!!!
Amy you are right about the Imagine!!  I almost did purchase her one but then had second thoughts so I didn't as she has been inking tags more than cutting with the Cricut right now and I knew how much she wanted an iPad2.
Thanks again to everyone for participating!  Hope you all had fun!


thekolbes said...

Congrats Amy

Josie0602 said...

Congrats Amy!!!

AmyJRockstar said...

My hubby is so jealous! He's a computer tech and doesn't even have one yet! Lucky girl, Jillian! But so am I! :0) Thanks for the stamps and everything else. We are thinking of getting the ipad2 so let me know how you like it. I love my Imagine, btw so maybe a good Christmas idea? :)

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Shelly said...

Congrats Amy!!!

Favorite Favors said...

Congratulations Amy!!!!!!!!!!

Anniebee said...

Congratulations, Amy! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person!