Monday, June 20, 2011

iPad 2 Cases

Well this weekend I felt like sewing!  So with Jillian getting her iPad for her Birthday, she needed a case. So after looking around I decided to make her one ~ she did get a smart cover but it doesn't protect from bumping around.
 So I took the Snap Happy pattern by Stitching Sisters and revised it.  I love the technique of the closure ~ an old measuring tape!  Yes that is right to get the "snap" you cut up an old tape measure ~ be sure and lock it or you will have it ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!  Ask me how I know!
So I wanted a pocket on the front so I used Lazy Girl Designs Perfect Pouches pattern.  These can be made without batting to be a pocket on something else.  I also only sewed around the 3 sides to leave the top open to side other items in.
I then embroidered iJillian and iBunny on the pouches before stitching them together.
This was a fun, quick project! 

Bunny's iPad case in the horizontal style.
Jillian's iPad case in the vertical style
Jillian normally carries her iPod everywhere so I added the zippered pocket

Perfect pouch used as a pocket open at the top in addition to the zippered one.


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Barbara said...

Bunny what a great project! You've inspired me to your creative ideas!

Shelly said...

These are so awesome, Bunny, right down to the cute little decorative tabs. You make them sound simple. lol

MyCuriousCrafts said...

Totally fabulous...omgoodness, s very adorable. TFS! ~Shen