Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday Jillian!

Happy Birthday Jillian!
Well last Saturday was Jillian's 15th birthday! Where have the years gone?
Well you all know her from her awesome stamp and die designs, but she has another talent as well!
She LOVES to play the guitar and sing!  She has even done some local open mic nights, at a coffee shop, in our town.
Here are  couple photos of her and her guitars.
The Red one is a Taylor T5Z electric in flamed maple.
 and the Koi Blue is a Taylor 614ce acoustic/electric in spruce top, flamed maple back and sides. 
Both sound just as beautiful as they look!
So for her birthday I wanted to make her a guitar cake. And just how do you do that . . .
Well I have always loved baking so I have a lot of supplies, as well as Jillian taking Cake decorating for 4-H  and I did our wedding cake too!

So I got out my oval pans and started to work, she said she wanted Red Velvet and Blue Velvet, which is a buttery vanilla flavor and OH SO GOOD!!!

I traced her first guitar ( a black Fender T-Bucket) to get the shape, then used Rice Krispie Treats to shape in between the ovals.  

Added the blue icing to match her Taylor 614 ~ since her birthday is 6/14/1999!!!

And here is the finished cake! I was pretty proud of it though not perfect, tasted delicious!
Thanks for stopping by!
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