Friday, February 24, 2012

Cards for Hurting Families

This has been a sad week for the kids at Jillian's school, one of their classmates died from injuries from a 4 wheeler accident.  Another student was also involved but was only slightly injured.  Both were classmates and cheerleaders together for the 7th grade teams at Jillian's school.   Alana was in Tavaci ~ a show choir a few years ago with Jillian and also in her Choir class this year.  Just been a very sad time for students and teachers this week.  Parents, hug your kids a little tighter!

So for Alana's family I made this card.  I do not know her parents or siblings but can't imagine what they are going through.
Cream Card:  Canvas Corp.
Cross layers:  {die}vine Cross Combo Die Set using Cream               Cardstock, Canvas Corp Black and Cream Polka Dot 
Cross Stamps:  {die}vine Easter Stamp set and With Sympathy from {die}monds, Diamonds Stamp set.
Ribbon:  Rinkle Ribbon by AJVD
Inside Sentiment:  Look to your family for comfort, you friends for understanding and God for peace.  from Prayerful Thoughts Stamp set

Then I wanted to send the other family involved a card also as I can't imagine what they too are going through.  I have known them forever and they are wonderful people as are their parents.  The maternal grandfather was one of my softball coaches that I dearly loved and they all sit behind us at the football games, they are a lot of fun to be around.  Just good families.

Well this was a hard card as what do you say as I know they are dealing with the pain also.  This sentiment is from a new set coming up so watch for it Mid March!   It was already created before this happened so it was a perfect fit!
Card:  Black card stock
Polka Dot Layer:  Emerald Cut {die}mond Nested Dies and Canvas Corp paper in Black and Ivory dot
Sentiment Layer:  {die}namic Duo Die Set and Canvas Corp papers from their Ivory/Black 6 x 6 paper pad
Sentiment:  From an unnamed stamp set to be revealed Mid March :)  Really we haven't named it yet!
Flower:   old sewing pattern tissue
Button:  Epiphany Crafts Button 20 Round
Twine:  Licorice Divine Twine
Ribbon: Black AJVD Rinkle Ribbon

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