Thursday, July 22, 2021

Who wants to make a Pumpkin Shaker?

Hello and Welcome Back to another Pumpkin card!!!
This die set is so versatile and fun to use! 
Tomorrow I will have another fun idea to use it for as well.

So Jillian is all about Shaker Cards, she always has been since she started cardmaking at 10.
So it is certainly like her to add a shaker layer to this die set.
So when you want to create a shaker, here is how I do it, which isn't the only way, but how SHE taught me!
I use Craft Foam from your big box store. I place it on the cutting plate, then put a piece of cardstock I am using for the pumpkin, then I center the largest pumpkin shaped die, with the middle piece that is the 2nd largest, CENTERED in the largest die. I use my Purple Tape or Post It Tape and then cut it all at once, that way your frame and the craft foam is exactly the same.
Then I use the largest die and cut my back piece and also a sheet of acetate.
Then, glue the acetate to the front cardstock frame. TIP: I use a dryer sheet to remove any static from that acetate so the sequins won't stick to it!
Then glue the craft foam layer to that waiting until it is dry to proceed. Lay your sequins down on your back cardstock piece, THEN glue down that front frame/acetate piece and just created a shaker card!
Have a great day and see you back here tomorrow!

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